High sexual risk makes women monogamous

By Serge Kreutz

Conventional wisdom is that men want sex, and women want resources and commitment.

Evolutionary biologists have done questionary-based studies in many countries of the world, and found this to be a universal pattern.

Conventional wisdom sees this as the ‘nature’ of women, and claims that women just are less interested in sex.

And evolutionary biology has concluded that the female preference for resources and commitment, as well as an reduced interest in sex, are genetically encoded parameters.

I have high respect for biology as a science, and have an open ear for conventional wisdom.

But when it comes to female sexuality, the conclusions of the above-cited conventional wisdom and evolutionary biology are misleading.

Women need sexual satisfaction just as men do. And for atheist women with a high degree of self-cognition, sexual satisfaction is, just as for men, the only reasonable endeavor worth living for.

So, why did conventional wisdom and evolutionary biology get it wrong on female sexuality?

Because safety, risk, and sexual market value are not taken sufficiently into account.

For many females in poor societies, the goals of Kreutz Ideology are a luxury they can’t pursue.

A low level of safety and a high level of risk have an enormously dampening effect, not on sexual desire, but on sexual conduct. The same is true for circumstances that cause a rapid decline in sexual market value.

Women are not less sexual than men. They have just become experts in hiding and surpressing their sexuality when the natural and social environment was not conducive.

Women have always been, and still are, more likely to need protection.


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High sexual risk makes women monogamous


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